Stone Consultations

Coming in April…

Have you ever wondered which stones may be “calling” to you?  During a stone consultation, I can assist you with selecting stones for your personal healing.  Using only your first name, I will tune into your energies and recommend the best stones for you.  I will explain why each stone is being recommended. If time allows, I can do a stone reading for a friend or family member as well.

This consultation will be limited to 10 (ten) minutes. The stones are sold separately and can be ordered during the consultation; or online through this website.  The fee for the consultation is $10.00 and can be paid by credit card, pay pal, check or money order.

I am also available for a longer, more in-depth session.  This session is a Psychic Reading and can be about any spiritual, physical, or emotional issue.  I can help answer questions you may have as you journey on your path.  Appointments can be made for distance healing work and Para normal clearings, as well.  These in-depth sessions are $45.00 for 30 minutes ($1.50/min.).

Contact Tom via email :    or text  (502) 741-0686