Tom Benedict

Rev. Tom Benedict

***Energy Conductor***

Blessings to you and blessings through you!  As an energy worker, I always work for the highest good of ALL involved.  God has given me the ability to affect healing by using my skills as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, medical intuitive, and Reiki Master.  I have been an energy worker for more than 20 years.

Stones are my specialty and can be used as healing tools.  Each stone has a different physical make-up and carries a specific energy.  That is why different stones are used for healing different challenges. I help people choose the correct stones to assist in personal healing.

Come visit us at one of the shows.  I have many stones, crystals, and minerals from which you may choose.  At shows, I do free stone readings to match you with the appropriate stones and also schedule twenty-minute energy sessions.  I have great success with distant energy sessions and readings by phone.  (Referrals are available upon request.)

TOM BENEDICT – has been an energy worker for over 20 years.  He is a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Reiki Master.  He uses these gifts to affect healing by working with a person’s energy flow which can be disrupted by physical, emotional, or spiritual issues resulting in illness or pain.  Tom works with a person’s energy flow so that the body can work at healing itself and relieving the pain.  He seldom needs to physically touch a person for the energy flow to correct itself.  This work can be done in person as well as over the phone in a “distance” session.

STONES – Tom enjoys teaching people about the energies that stones carry and their use in healing.  In lectures and workshops, he teaches specific techniques to use with the stones.  He also offers free “stone readings” at his booth to match people with the appropriate stones for their personal touch.


PSYCHIC READINGS – In this session, Tom can tell you about your Spirit Guides and Angelic helpers.  He can also help you understand why you may be having a spiritual, physical or emotional challenge and help with the “release”.  He can help answer questions you may have as you journey on your path.

HEALING – Tom will make an appointment with you to do a distance session by phone.  He will talk with you, find out specific issues you need to have addressed and work with your energy… all while you are in your own home.  (references/testimonials can be provided).

PARANORMAL CLEARINGS – Tim can provide insights into challenges you may be having with paranormal visitors and offer ways to clear a room, home and/or property.

CONTACT – Tom is available for a consultation to see if a distance session is right for you!  Click Here.